VIHAAN (2014)

The system consists of a 2.12m wingspan air vehicle capable of executing a fully autonomous mission through its low cost APM autopilot, gathering intelligence via the Canon G10 camera and identifying the IR sensitive target through a customised video camera. An on-board computer was used to coordinate these efforts. The UAS also has the capability to autonomously drop a payload at the designated GPS coordinate and to showcase
interoperability operations.



UAS System Attributes

AARUSH- X1 Key Capabilities
• Span: 2.1m
• GTOW: 6Kg
• Payload: 2.5 Kg
• Endurance: 40 minutes
• Communication range:
• Take-Off: Catapult
• Landing: Belly Landing
• Cruise Speed: 15m/s


• Single point Take-Off
using indigenously
developed Catapult
• Fully Autonomous
• Payload Drop at
designated target
• High definition real-time
• Returns to home in case
of link loss