Aarush X2

Aarush X2 is the optimized version of Aarush X1. Drawing upon the same design philosophy to retain the precise and dependable flight experience, while featuring a smaller footprint and with reduced fuel consumption, this UAV is meant for missions where vehicle size matters.It features significant improvements over Aarush X1 in terms of structural design and the use of lightweight composite sandwitch structure for its construction. It also has a more efficent low-drag fuselage design over Aarush X1. Another feature of Aarush X2 is that it can deploy either an electric propulsion system or a gas engine for its propulsion depending on mission requirements, making Aarush X2 a versatile UAV.

Technical Specifications
-Setup time: 30 minutes
-Endurance Gas Engine: 6-8 hours
-Endurance Electric Motor: 40 min 
-Wingspan: 122 inches 
-Payload: 14 pounds 
-Gross takeoff weight: 40 pounds