GARUDA, a modified Sig Rascal 110 R/C aircraft along with its Ground Control System is capable of performing autonomous flight & navigation, simultaneously gathering actionable surveillance data using optical sensors. The system includes commercially available autopilot system, Piccolo II for control & navigation with a customized imagery system capable of capturing & transmitting high definition images of the hostile territory simultaneously processing it to deliver actionable intelligence. The Ground Control Station (GCS) and the aircraft communicate in real time to provide situational awareness and safe and reliable flight. Modular in design the entire system can be brought to a flying state in less than 20 minutes.

Technical Specifications
-Wingspan: 110 Inches
-Empty weight: 18.7 lbs
-Launch Weight: 24.2 lbs
>-Propulsion: Hacker A60 20x10 prop
-Power: 10s 5000mAh Thunder Power Li-Po
-Endurance: 23 min
-Cruise speed: 29 Knots
-Range: 1.6 mile LOS
-Wireless link: 2.4 Mhz (Data telemetry)
5 Mhz (Imagery)
-Camera Canon G10, gimbal stabilized.