Vihaan is a UAS which was developed for primary purpose for competing in SUAS competition in the year 2014. It incorporates a COTS airframe, Skywalker X-8 and uses a dedicated catapult launch system designed and developed in house for short take offs. The stock airframe was reinforced with carbon fibre for making the system more robust and sustain the elements. It is used by the team for testing and evaluation of avionics and mechanical subsystems .Some salient features are:
-Autonomous take off, navigation and landing.
-Return to home capability in case of emergency.
-Easily deployable due to small size and light weight.
-Short take off using dedicated catapult.<

Technical Specifications
- Wingspan: 2.1 m
- Setup time: 1 hour
- Gross Takeoff Weight: 6 KGS
- Take Off: Catapult launcher
- Mechanical Range: 35 Km
- Payload: 2.5 Kg
- Endurance: 40 minutes
- Communication Range: 10 Km
- Landing: Belly landing
- Cruise Speed: 15 m/s
- Cieling: 2.5 Km
- Propulsion: BLDC Electric