AARSUH- X1 (2013)

Aarush-M is a twin-boom, inverted V-tail UAS designed for delivering situational awareness in a disaster struck area. Command and control over UAS is done via a 2.4 GHz radio link, while the intelligence gathered is transmitted over a 5 GHz link. A highly modular and portable system, Aarush-M can be flight ready in less than 30 minutes, providing an endurance of 20 minutes. This paper presents requirements analysis of the UAS followed by the design description. Flight testing and evaluation results are also presented which validate the performance parameters .The final section elaborates the safety measures adopted by the team to ensure safety of the personnel and UAS at all times. Having successfully conducted two dry-runs of the competition mission, team UAS DTU is confident that Aarush-M will be able to support the US Marines in their humanitarian relief and security mission in the earthquake struck Caribbean island.


UAS System Attributes

AARUSH- X1 Key Capabilities
• Wingspan : 3.66m
• GTOW: 37 kg
• Payload: 5-10 kg
• Fuel Weight: 10 kg
• Endurance: 6 hours
• Dash Speed: 130 kmph
• Cruise speed: 65 kmph
• Ceiling: 5000 ft
• Fully Autonomous
Navigation System
• Short Take off from dirt
• Mid Air Re-Start in case
of engine failure
• High definition real-time
surveillance with 40x
zoom capability