ASTRA (2011)

ASTRA (Autonomous Surveying and Terrestrial Reconnaissance Aircraft) is a modified Sig Rascal 110 R/C aircraft controlled by the ArduPilot Mega, an open-source autopilot. Capable of following dynamically changing way-points, ASTRA provides real time reconnaissance to an Imagery terminal on ground using a gimbal stabilized point and shoot camera. The transmission of captured images takes place on a 2.4GHz secured wireless link. The received images are then processed for actionable intelligence. Modular in design, ASTRA can be brought to flying state in less than 40 minutes. Safety being of paramount importance in all aspects of UAS operations, ASTRA can be controlled by its Mission Control Centre over a 2.4 GHz secured wireless link as a Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) and also by a 2.4 GHz Radio transmitter remote under full manual control.