Cruise Speed
All weather adaptable


In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, the team developed Aarush-X1 as a part of the “Next-Generation Urban Unmanned Aerial Systems” project which aimed to develop an entirely Indigenous UAS which would be of Tactical Class and providing persistent Intelligence and Strategic Reconnaissance (ISR) over an urban environment. The inauguration of Aarush X1 was done by the DRDO Chief VK Saraswat in 2012. Aarush X1 has a Fully Autonomous Navigation System with High-Definition Real-Time Surveillance System with a 40x Zoom Capability. Besides these, the system has a cruise speed of 50 kmph and can reach a maximum speed of upto 70 kmph. It has a short take-off and landing distance of 260 ft.

AarushX1 Specs
  • Range 10Km
  • Cruise Speed 70km/h
  • Span 3.6m
  • Propulsion 500W,2 stroke gas engine
  • Gross Take Off Weight 37Kg
  • Payload Capacity 10Kg
  • Take Off Distance 80m
  • Endurance 6 hrs