Cruise Speed
All weather adaptable


In the final phase of Lockheed Martin’s “Next-Generation Urban Unmanned Aerial Systems'' project, the team developed an optimized version of Aarush X1. The capabilities of the newly developed UAS, Aarush-X2, was demonstrated in June 2015 to Lockheed Martin officials at the Bansi Lal Aerodrome, Bhiwani. It consists of a Fully Autonomous Navigation System and the capability to undertake High Definition Real-Time Surveillance alongside with a 40x Zoom Capability, accompanied by a comparatively short take-off and landing height of 150ft. It has a payload capacity of 4.5 Kg and is powered by both electric and gasoline engine propulsion systems.

AarushX2 Specs
  • Range 500Km+
  • Span 3.1m
  • Power System Hybrid
  • Cruise Speed 100km/h
  • Gross Take Off Weight 18kg
  • Payload Capacity 6.4Kg
  • Propulsion 500W,2 stroke gas engine
  • Endurance 6 hr